A Sustainable Super Bowl

Letʻs stray away from the talk on which team is going to win, the commercials, the fact that Missy Elliot is joining Katy Perry during the halftime performance, or what Super Bowl snack you’re bringing to the party for a second. Albeit great conversations, let’s throw in one more topic for Sunday: sustainability.  According to Jack Groh, the NFL’s Environmental Program Director, “Super Bowl is a great opportunity to demonstrate ways that a world-class event can be environmentally responsible.”

The Solar Energy Industries Associations (SEIA) recently posted that the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks rank 5th and 6th, respectively, among all professional U.S. sports facilities with the most installed solar capacity – 3rd and 4th in the NFL franchise. Although they wonʻt be playing at either stadium, they will be hosted by the Arizona Cardinals, playing completely under LED lighting. The LED lights will use 310 kW of energy compared to the 1.24 million watts that was needed to power the system previously. The LED lights should not only conserve energy but eliminate shadows on the playing shadow by providing a brighter and more uniform light.


The NFL and the Salt River Project (SRP) in Arizona has partnered together to generate electricity used by the stadium with 100% renewable energy. Arizona Public Service Company will also be purchasing renewable energy credits to offset electricity used at the Super Bowl-affiliated venues in downtown Phoenix.


Trees will be planted across Phoenix, leftover food will be collected and distributed, and the waste will be recycled and composted rather than going to the landfills. So no matter which team wins, we know one thing for sure; and that is that sustainability is growing. Hopefully more teams will install solar and we can “green” more sporting events and our everyday lives.

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