1. Protect against Rising Energy Costs and Reduce or Eliminate Your Electricity Bill

Hawaiʻi residents already pay more than anyone else in the nation for electricity and fuel.  When you install a PV system, you hedge against ever-rising utility rates.  As utility rates continue to skyrocket, your savings will as well!  Over the next 25 years, a typical PV system saving $200 per month on today’s utility bill will result in approximately $130,000 in savings!  What would you do with that extra money?

2.  Take advantage of Generous Tax Incentives

Currently federal incentives are available as either a 30% tax credit or as a 30% cash grant.  Similarly, Hawaii’s state incentives are available as either a 35% non-refundable tax credit or 24.5% refundable tax credit.  Combined with these incentives can offer up to 54.5% cash back, or a 65% tax shield.  Note certain limitations apply depending on the size of your solar system.

3.  Increase the Value of Your Property

Every $1,000 saved per year on electricity costs adds $20,000 to a property’s value.  Solar energy is therefore one of the best improvement investments you can make.

4.  Help the Environment

Over 90% of Hawaii’s energy comes from burning fossil fuels and 77% of our state’s energy comes from imported oil use.  Solar power is clean and renewable energy generated directly from the sun without noise or pollution to keep our islands beautiful – plus it reduces carbon emissions that affect our climate.




You know that solar energy makes sense for the environment, but does it make sense for you?  Because everysituation is unique we conduct a complimentaryEnergy Audit to evaluate your buildings energy performance and identify ways you can save energy and money regardless of your budget.  We then:

  • Recommend the best technologies and products to achieve optimal savings
  • Provide energy efficiency improvement and renewable energy system installations
  • Install online energy monitoring to ensure continued energy savings


WHY ADON Renewables?

A division of Adon Construction Inc., Adon Renewables is a full-service solar development company that designs, builds, finances and maintains renewable energy systems.  There are literally hundreds of solar companies in the marketplace today – but not all of them are created equal.  Consider the following…

  • Locally owned and operated since 1979
  • Employees top-tier talent with both solar and construction expertise
  • Hundreds of successful installations and satisfied customers throughout Hawaiʻi
  • In-depth knowledge of local and federal tax incentives as well as other rebate programs
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!AdonHouse


Let Adon Renewables help you…

  • Enjoy immediate savings and offset the rising cost of your monthly electric bill
  • Take advantage of both federal and state incentives when you file your taxes
  • Increase the property value of your home and/or business
  • Positively contribute to the Hawaiʻi Clean Energy Initiative


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