At Adon Construction, integrity is the foundation, “Commitment to Excellence” is the core belief and satisfying customersʻ needs is our goal.

Adon Construction, Inc. is a full-service general contracting company holding AC licenses in the state of Hawaiʻi, providing a full range of general construction and engineering services. Adon prides itself on itʻs ability to provide the highest level of service. Our team at Adon is able to meet the needs of any demanding project in a timely and efficient manner.


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Adon Construction offers a full range of services from:

  • Pre-construction Services
  • Spall Repair & Elastomeric Coating
  • Paving & Seal coating
  • Concrete
  • Structural Repair
  • Fire / Water Damage Restoration
  • General Building and Reconstruction including carpentry, masonry, and steel work


Safety is of very high priority at Adon Construction.  With a zero tolerance for any drug or alcohol usage, employees are also expected to conduct their work in a safe manner to avoid injury to themselves or others. This will include the care and use of safety tools and equipment, proper training and instruction of policy and procedures.

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