Adon Renewables

Adon Renewables is a Hawaii Based renewable energy developer supported by its shareholder Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), one of the largest power utilities in the world.

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Serving the People of Hawai’i Since 1979 

Adon Renewables is a Hawaii based microgrid developer supported by its shareholder, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated (TEPCO), one of the largest power utilities in the world.  Adon develops unique microgrids and DC technologies such as highly energy efficient solar air-conditioning systems, advanced battery systems and bi-directional electrical vehicles charging system.

Making an Impact Across the Globe


A Hawaii-based Renewable Energy Developer, Adon develops direct current (DC) technologies and microgrids to provide clean and affordable electricity for the local communities.  Non-profits organizations, commercial and industrial properties on different islands are able to enjoy affordable, clean and efficient energy at near no-cost via power purchase agreements (PPAs). Adon Group designs and integrates large scale commercial and industrial battery storage systems in conjunction with its renewable energy generation facilities, aiming to decentralize energy delivery worldwide.

Renewable Energy

At Adon Renewables, we believe that you should manage your business with ALOHA. Solar is a great long-term investment with a very strong return, making integrating green energy into projects a win-win solution for all.


Adon Renewables specializes in a wide range of turnkey commercial solar projects.