Our Values

Aloha Friends,

Adon Renewables is a Hawaii based renewable energy firm focused on transforming electricity delivery with Direct Current (DC) Technologies.

Our team is passionate about helping the world use 100% renewable energy. We will accomplish this through the deployment of high-cycle containerized batteries that range in storage capacity from 250kWh – 5MWh+. In addition to our PowerBox batteries, we continue to develop various hardware and software solutions such as our DC hybrid solar heat pumps called SunChillers™ and our own Energy Management System. Plus, we have the ability to produce large mobile batteries with bi-directional energy transfer capability that are a perfect solution for providing clean energy to remote areas or densely populated cities without access to renewable energy generation sources.

This year we expanded our operations beyond the Hawaiian islands into the mainland U.S. We now have staff in California and Oklahoma that are eager to help with your energy transition.

We are supported by our partner and shareholder Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings, one of the largest power utilities in the world. We invite you to join us in transforming how electricity is delivered worldwide and help us make our beautiful planet an even better place to live.


Michael Chen