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Here is our weekly roundup of Renewable Energy related news that we’re reading this week.

Articles we’re reading

UK Businesses face delays of up to 15 years for solar installations
In the UK there is concern that solar adoption will be stalled by local interconnection guidelines. Some solar projects are waiting up to 15 years for permits. Key Takeaway: Encourage your local governments and utilities to find ways to streamline the permitting process to install renewable energy and battery storage.

The most mysterious forests on Earth are underwater
As climate change continues to wreak havoc on many different ecosystems. Underwater forests of kelp are struggling to survive in warming waters. Kelp forests sequester planet warming gases at a value of $500 Billion per year. Key Takeaway: Continued research and conservation efforts are needed to protect biodiversity and our planet’s various ecosystems.

Melting glaciers in Alps threaten biodiversity of invertebrates, says study
Another ill effect of planet warming climate change is the changing environment for invertebrates. Some of these species are endangered and may not be able to migrate to new areas. Key Takeaway: Long-term consequences of these declining populations are difficult to predict, but the outlook is not good for the ecosystem overall as these small invertebrates are food for fish, birds, and other mammals on land and water.

Where the most household site energy is consumed in the US
This report from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows data on which states use the most energy in residential homes. The biggest driver trends to be household heating. Key Takeaway: Colder states like Alaska spend more energy on site by warming their homes. Warmer states like Hawai’i and Florida, use less energy on site.

Videos we’re watching

The Rivian R1S is…The Best SUV Ever?
Youtuber Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, reviews the Rivian R1S SUV. MKBHD has amassed a following over 16 million subscribers on the platform by providing technology based reviews, and he has recently focused on electric vehicles. Key Takeaway: The R1S impresses him in build quality and performance, but he notes the pricing is still very high for most people. He is hopeful with the growth in adoption of Electric Vehicles, prices will drop over time to more affordable levels for the average consumer.