Adon Received HECO Battery Bonus Program Incentives

Feb 14 2022 10:28 AM

                      HECo Community Meeting: RFP for Firm Renewable Energy on Oahu - Hawai'i  Groundwater & Geothermal Resources Center

Adon Renewables was one of the first recipients of Hawaiian Electric’s (HECO) battery bonus program. The battery bonus cash incentive was for a rooftop solar shstem installed at Meheula Vista Phase III in Mililani. Money recieved from HECO’s battery bonus program helped to decrease installation costs for the customer while also providing solar energy at night. It’s been Adon’s main goal to help move Hawaii toward 100% clean energy by 2045 and this is just one of the first steps.

What great news to start off 2022!

Committed Energy Storage Capacity: 37kW

Incentive Amount: $31,450

Innovative Ways to Reduce Cooling Cost

Oct 4 2021 3:38 PM

Cummins Logo | Cummins Inc.

Cummins, the global power leader and manufacturer of engines and power generation systems, has found a way to reduce their carbon footprint and  incorporate sustainable practices into their business  strategy by utilizing Direct Current (DC) heat pump technology from Adon Renewables 

To meet Cummins‘ 2020 environmental goals and to reduce energy use and greenhouse gases (GHGs),  Cummins collaborated with Adon Renewables to reduce 50% of their Kapolei facility’s total energy consumption by installing Adon’s  SunChillers™ hybrid, multi-zone solar heat pumps. 

SunChillers™ utilize direct current based technology: powered by PV modules and rectified power (AC to DC) from the centralized power grid. SunChillers™ have been installed in commercial businesses, resorts, and multi-unit residential buildings throughout the state since 2017.

Direct Current (DC) Technology at Turtle Bay Resort

 Jul 12 2021 11:50 AM


The world-renown North Shore resort, Turtle Bay Resort (TBR), has found a way to reduce their carbon footprint and incorporate sustainable practices into their business strategy by utilizing Direct Current (DC) technology to reduce their operation costs on one of the most expensive part of their utility bills, the cooling system.

TBR collaborated with Adon Renewables, a local microgrid developer, to reduce up to 90% of their energy consumption on cooling by installing Adon’s SunChillers™ hybrid multi-zone solar air conditioners in all their cottages. The SunChillers™ are direct current based technology which are powered by PV modules and batteries directly without needing to invert power from direct current to alternating current from the power grid. Many SunChillers™ have been installed in commercial and multi-unit buildings throughout the state. The cooling system can run on DC power and achieve a SEER rating of 36 during the day which is significantly higher than the other HVAC systems in the market.

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Hawaii solar company has bright future ahead

Hawaii solar company has bright future ahead

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Adon Group Receives Investment from TEPCO Ventures

Adon Group Receives Investment from TEPCO Ventures

Honolulu, September 20, 2018 - Adon group (Adon) announced that TEPCO Ventures has made an equity investment in the Hawaii renewable energy company through TEPCO Innovation & Investments US, Inc., TEPCO Ventures’ wholly owned subsidiary in the US. TEPCO is the...

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