Adon's Energy Management Systems

Adon’s energy management system is a smart solution that optimizes building energy consumption by collecting and analyzing data from various energy loads. It helps minimize waste, lower energy costs, and offers real-time monitoring with notification alerts.

    • Adon’s energy management system optimizes building energy consumption.
    • It collects and analyzes data from HVAC, lighting, and other energy loads.
    • The system reduces waste and lowers energy costs.
    • Real-time monitoring with notification alerts keeps you informed about system performance.


Products and Services

Adon PowerBox

A high voltage battery storage system using advanced lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) chemistry, designed to provide reliable power for commercial, industrial and utility scale applications.

Adon PowerBox Container 40'

This container supports 5MWh+ per unit.

Adon PowerBox Container 20'

This container supports 2.5 MWh+ per unit.

Adon PowerBox Cabinet

This cabinet supports up to 100-500+ kWh per unit

Adon PowerBox Mini

This cabinet supports 10-25 kWh per unit

Solar HVAC

Adon SunChillers™ is our trademarked heating and cooling technology that can harness solar energy and use direct current (DC) power, but it is a hybrid system that can switch to alternating current (AC) when the sun is not shining.

Our heat pump system can achieve a SEER rating of 36 during the day which is significantly higher than the other HVAC systems in the market.

Cost Saving
When your facility uses Solar Energy to power your HVAC, you can see a reduction in energy costs up to 90% during sun hours!

Because direct current (DC) power is so much more efficient on the internal motor in our compressor, it means that our system breaksdown less often. It works so well in fact, we have a 10 year warranty from AIG that covers parts and labor!

Our solar hvac solution pairs perfectly with Adon’s PowerBox battery storage and solar energy PV solutions. Plus, SunChillers™ qualify for many incentives at the State and Federal level in the U.S.

Energy Software

Adon EMS our proprietary energy management system will maximize energy delivery and efficiency for each customer through providing intelligent load shifting, demand cost reduction, kWh savings and stand-alone power backups.

Long-Term Investment

At Adon Renewables, we believe renewable energy is our future. We finance renewable energy facilities under long term power purchase agreements (PPA). Our team has been financing commercial renewable energy facilities since 2008, allowing our partners to save while avoiding upfront capital, operating costs and technology risks. We have successfully financed many commercial PV and microgrid projects including all housing developments developed by Catholic Charities Housing Hawaii, the Kauai Beach Resort, the Outlets of Maui and many others.

By providing turn-key project financing, our goal is to transform how energy is delivered by:

  • Decarbonization
  • Decentralization
  • Digitalization

Our team also provides equipment leasing to our partners for our advanced batteries (PowerBox), solar heat pumps (SunChillers) and bi-directional mobile EV charging stations (evPowerBox).