Adon PowerBox

Adon PowerBox Spec Sheet
Adon PowerBox Mini Spec Sheet

Adon PowerBox is a high voltage battery storage system using advanced lithium ferrous phosphate chemistry, designed to provide reliable power for commercial, industrial and utility scale applications.

Adon Energy Management System (EMS)

Adon EMS

Adon custom designs energy management system (EMS) to maximize energy delivery and efficiency for each customer, providing intelligent load shifting, demand cost reduction, kWh savings and stand-alone power backups.  

Adon SunChillers™

SunChillers Spec Sheet

The SunChillers are direct current (DC) technology powered by PV modules directly without inverting power from DC to alternating current (AC).  The heat pump system (cooling and heating) can achieve a SEER rating of 36 during the day which is significantly higher than the other HVAC systems in the market.

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