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Here is our weekly roundup of renewable energy news that we’re reading:

DOE targets Native communities with solar and microgrid funding
The U.S. Department of Energy is going to provide $34 Million to help 18 Tribes install renewable energy microgrids. Key Takeaway: It’s clear that renewable energy microgrids will save these tribes money, but the most important piece is the initial DOE funding that will get these projects started.

Solar Panels – An Eco-Disaster Waiting to Happen?
Key Takeaway:
As the first generation(s) of large scale solar panels are close to retirement, a ramp-up of solar panel recycling facilities will be needed in the near future.

FERC aims to fix the grid’s renewable energy backlog. Can it?
Key Takeaway: The biggest challenge in the transition to renewable energy, in addition to interconnection queues, is the transition to a more decentralized power system.

High fuel prices, energy security concerns drive surge in renewables: research
Key Takeaway:
Additions of renewable power globally are expected to go up by a third this year and continue next year, bringing the global total renewable electricity capacity to 4,500 gigawatts, “equal to the total power output of China and the United States combined,” according to the report. 

Making Energy From Miniscule Man-Made Clouds
Key Takeaway: Researchers at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst have discovered how to generate energy from humidity.