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Here is our weekly roundup of renewable energy news that we’re reading:

As Malaysia eyes renewable energy exports to Singapore, can it stick to its ambitious energy goals?
Key Takeaway: Malaysia needs funds to transition its own grid to renewable energy, of which, only 16% of their electricity is currently powered by renewables. However, with a lack of bold investors and local industry workforce, investment dollars are slow to materialize. Plus, legacy deals the government made with corporations still utilizing coal and natural gas threaten to slow progress towards distributed generation.

Biden Interior advances renewable energy transmission projects in Nevada
Key Takeaway: Progress continues as the U.S. updates its outdated electrical grid.

Former Enel chief says governments cannot ignore energy transition
Key Takeaway: Francesco Starace provides pragmatic commentary on how governments will not be able to avoid the looming transition to renewable energy.

Texas power struggle: How the nation’s top wind power state turned against renewable energy.
Key Takeaway: Texas legislators that continue to prop up the fossil fuel industry in order to compete with cheaper renewable energy fuel sources ultimately hurt other Texan’s ability to reduce their energy costs and impact on climate change. 

Russia’s war in Ukraine is spurring investments in renewable energy
Key Takeaway: War requires various countries and organizations to secure their energy production. This has resulted in additional investment in renewable energy but there is still a lot of investment in fossil fuel electricity production. Fossil fuel investments will continue as long as the rate of returns are high and more guaranteed than the longer terms of renewable projects that are slower to be implemented.