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Alarm at rightwing push to reverse clean-energy success in Texas and beyond
Key Takeaway:
“It’s been a shocker. It’s so hypocritical,” he said. “I used to be an acolyte of TPPF but they are now driven by oil and gas billionaires who want to stop alternative forms of energy to benefit their own bottom line. They’ve sold their soul to the almighty dollar.”

EU to try again for renewable energy deal after nuclear row
Key Takeaway:
Countries with substantial nuclear investments, like France, are pushing back on policies that explicitly favor renewable sources such as solar and wind, which may sideline nuclear energy which is a low-carbon source but it is not renewable.

Push for renewable energy as Codford solar farm opens
Key Takeaway:
Renewable energy continues to grow in the U.K. and there are exciting possible new opportunities for hydrogen power.

Future of renewable energy looks like a giant battery as Vancouver company scales up production
Key Takeaway:
A Canadian company with its own unique battery technology highlights the necessity for utility-scale battery storage to help the world achieve net zero.

HVAC, lighting and solar integrator raises Series E round
Key Takeaway:
In May 2023, Redaptive, a Denver based solar HVAC company raised $250 Million in a Series E funding round.