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Here is your weekly roundup of renewable energy industry news:

Articles We’re Reading

Energy Change Sweeps the North Sea

Key Takeaway: European countries are looking to quadruple off-shore wind energy production by 2030. Part of this growth has been triggered by the war in Ukraine and volatile Russian oil prices, which has encouraged some countries to look elsewhere for their energy solutions. Battery storage will be an important part of this solution and our PowerBox Container solution would complement the EU’s renewable energy generation well.

At Glastonbury, a Giant Spider Powered by Renewable Energy

Key Takeaway: The negative impact large events, such as music festivals, can have on the local environment be significant. Glastonbury is attempting to minimize their carbon footprint by powering the festival with only renewable energy sources. Festival organizers should consider utilizing Adon PowerBox Mobile to ensure their power is coming from a clean and reliable source.

Renewable energy will cost the super-wealthy, not the rest of us – New Study Finds

Key Takeaway: A new study shows that the investments required to implement renewable energy will primarily impact the wealthiest people.

Senegal Seals $2.7 Billion Green Energy Deal

Key Takeaway: Richer countries are helping poorer countries install renewable energy by leveraging their financing capability. Government action and support is critical in securing funding for many projects not just in Africa, but around the world.

Analysis: Asia heatwaves put renewable power fleet to the test

Key Takeaway: Rising global temperatures have created a negative feedback loop by forcing the need for more energy to power air conditioning systems which require more energy and if renewables are unable to meet that demand, coal and natural gas plants are still being built to ensure there is backup capacity. This scenario is a great time to highlight our own product: SunChillers™ which is a Cooling and Heating system that is tied directly to solar panels. Our innovative compressor can switch between solar and grid power and this process dramatically reduces the need for energy from the grid.